Fire Mountain Webelo Invitational

Fire Mountain marked our last outing of the year.  We invited the Webelo II's from various Cub Scout Packs from Lake Stevens to join us in this November overnight outing.

The day started out overcasted, windy and rainy.  At around 11 am the weather gave us a break and the rain stopped for a few hours. We took this opportunity to go the field and put into practice all the lashing and pioneering knots we learned in the previous month.  At the field we worked as team which also included all the guest webelos and started to build our Monkey Bridge.  End-to-End this bridge measured approximately 80 ft long!.  It took all of us working together 3 hrs to build it but it was well worth the effort.

Later that afternoon and evening, the Scouts and Webelos had a great time despite the rain. We even had a fire going.  Our camp cook did a fabulous job at feeding 40 hungry campers.  The food was great!.