Join Our Troop

Are you thinking of becoming a Boy Scouts? Then you are at the right place. Our troop offer many fun activities and an opportunity to be with your friends. Whether you want to become an Eagle Scout or just love the outdoors, you would want to check Troop 36’s cool programs. Here are five reasons why you should joint our Troop.

  • Go Camping! Troop 36 is focused in backpacking. We go camping just about once a month. We stuff our backpacks with all our gear and head out to remote areas and spend the night.

  • Learn cool new skills. At our scout meetings we learn the necessary skills to enjoy the great outdoors safely and respectfully. We are conservation minded and we follow the Leave-no-trace principle. We learn how to make safe campfires, cook our own meals, pitch our own tents and prepare for any kind of weather.

  • With our troop we hike tall mountains and camp along remote lakes and streams. Every summer we also head out to an annual summer camp for one week. Summer camp is a blast. You get to hand out with your friends and meet other scouts from other states and around the world.

  • Scouting is not just camping. We also learn leadership skills and how to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. We run our meetings and plan our outings ourselves. And when challenges arise, we solve them ourselves.

  • Scouting is a blast! Come and join the fun.