Salt Creek

Salt Creek County park located on the Olympic peninsula near Port Orchard.
We headed over there by first boarding a Ferry to transport us across the Sound.  It took us about 3.5 hours of travel time from Lake Stevens to Salt Creek.

The campground was almost empty this time of the year.  We had the whole park to ourselves.  Luckily, we had good weather also with just one quick rain shower.  After setting up camp we ventured out to explore.  There was a WWII military installation and observation post.  Near the water, the views were spectacular.

At night, we got raided by a mob of racoons. There were 12 to 14 raccoons going through our stuff.  These nocturnal creatures were very well organized. You could tell they had done this before.  They divided and created diversions so that when some of the scouts were keeping a group out of our stuff, another group of racoons was raiding our stuff without resistance. Team work from the wild animals.

The next morning, we headed down the cliffs and explored the tide pools.  These are always fun. Many textures, colors and creatures.