Twin Lakes

Our Fall outing to Twin Lakes was a treat.  We headed to the eastern slopes of the Cascades  to scape the Puget Sound rainy weather.

The fall colors were just expectacular.  Yellow, brown, green, rust, orange, crympson and gold were aboundant along the way.

At the trail head the yellow-golden leaves blanketed the trail ahead of us.  We arrived late in the morning and the weather was very favorable for a backpacking trip.  Our group consisted of 12 people. With our backpacks on our backs and our forest permit in our pocket we headed up the trail into the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Along the way on the trail we encountered a coule of kinds of mushrooms, Ink camps and white mushrooms.  In the previous week leading to this trip we had lots of precipitation. Consequently the creeks were full and swift.  We had to find a fallen tree to be able to cross the creek and keep our boots dry.

The trail was relatively easy with just enough of an upward slope for a light workout. The trail was only about 4.5 miles with a gentle upward slope.  Towards the end, we followed the creek until it reached the lakes.  There the trail flattend out and continued along the edge of the trail through a forest of golden maples and evergreens.

Between the the two lakes was an old boarded up cabin used as a fish stocking station.  It appeared that the cabin is still in operation.


Trail head at Twin Lakes
Trail head at Twin Lakes