Winter Camping Igloos

Headed over to Stevens Pass early in the morning.  The pass was covered with snow and temperature was cold and some snow fall.

This was part of the winter camping seminar sponsored by the Mount Baker Council. The previous week we spent several hours in a seminar learning how to prepare for winter camping conditions and to learn the basics of building an igloo.

At the mountain, we were ready to put our newly acquired skills into practice. With our snow saw in hand, snow shoes and a backpack we headed up the mountain through the snow.  Once at the campsite which was covered in snow, we located a suitable location to start building our igloo.

The igloo building process took us all day.  We started building at about 9:30 am and finished ab about 4:30 pm.  First, we compacted the snow in the area we were going to build the igloo. Then we proceeded to cut out the snow blocks with the snow saw.  A laborious process by hand.

Once we had all the snow blocks cut, we proceeded to build the igloo.
The end result was an igloo strong enough to hold the weight of one scout standing on the very top of the dome.

The temperature at night was about 15 degrees F outside, but inside the igloo was much warmer.

The next day we joined the rest of the scouts from the various troops and headed over a snowshoeing hike.  We learned a great deal about snow conditions and hazards such as what to look out for when evaluating avalanche dangers.

This was a great trip and will recommend it to all scouts to participate.